“Can I Pray for you?”

by steve on April 10, 2012

“Dad can I pray for you?,” my nine year old son asked.   You see I was contemplating cancelling our spring vacation trip to Arizona at the last minute.  I was beside myself.  I felt so sick and I didn’t want to travel.  I couldn’t imagine enjoying my vacation feeling the way I felt in that moment.  Five days earlier I had run out of a medication that I had taken every day for the past 10 years.  It’s a medicine that helps suppress migraines, which I have suffered with since I was 5 years old.  (Anyone who wants to pray that God would heal me of migraines, please do so).  I knew I was supposed to have more medication in the pantry, but it was nowhere to be found.  At 10 PM no pharmacies were open.  I knew that I would have to do without.  I rarely get migraines since moving to Colorado 7 years ago, so I got the brilliant idea to stop taking the medication all together.  Day 1 was brutal.  I didn’t sleep the night before and I was dizzy, disoriented and nauseous.   With almost every step I took I felt electrical shocks pulsating throughout my body.  It was the most disturbing combination of physical sensations that I have ever felt.

He looks how I felt

I figured it was the first day off the medication and the withdrawals were to be expected.  I assumed that the next day would be much better.  To say that I was wrong would be an understatement!  After 3 days of feeling like I was run over by a big rig while being zapped with a taser gun, I decided to do a little research.  Apparently the medicine I was taking has some of the more severe side effect of any medicine, and furthermore it was highly recommended that you do not stop taking this medication cold turkey.  Oops…..my bad!  I’m thinking to myself, “I’m four days in, it has to end soon right?”  I had 2 more days before vacation.  Surely I will be better by then.  Wrong!  The day before my vacation was the worst day I had experienced.  I was sick all day, my head was spinning, and I couldn’t think straight.  Dear God help me!  I can’t get on a plane and fly in this condition.  I can’t be trapped in a small hotel room with 3 other people felling like I want to curl up in a ball and die.  I had no idea how I was going to pull of f this trip.  So the morning of the vacation I told Ginger and the boys that I didn’t think I could take this trip.  I saw the disappointment on their faces.  In that moment mason said, “Dad, can I pray for you?”   The prayer was amazing.  He asked God to heal me.  He did a little spiritual warfare, and told the devil to get lost.  He asked for the full restoration of my body.  Seriously this is my 9 year old son.  I felt like I has a seasoned warrior petitioning the kingdom of God to show up in my living room.   It was overwhelming and very sweet.  The way he prayed, and the power with which he prayed caused me to weep.

It’s not Mason, but you get the point

I will be honest….I was not instantly healed, I continued to struggle with some of the side effects of withdrawal.  However, the atmosphere around me shifted.  The cloud of fear and hopelessness was lifted, and I had the motivation and energy to go on the trip.  I won’t over spiritualize the situation, or lead you to think everything was perfect on the trip.  I was still sick for the majority of it.  I had moments I felt good, but the majority of the time I felt awful.  I was, however, able to pull it together and give the boys a great time.  Ginger would probably admit that I wasn’t able to fully pull it together for her……I owe you one Ginger!

Five days after I got back I decided that I needed to go back on my medication.  Not only had I been sick for 13 straight days, I had also gotten 2 migraines.  Um,  I guess the medicine had worked for me.  As I am on page four of my journal writing, I am wondering, “What is the real purpose of me sharing this story?    How Mason came through for me is in the forefront of my mind.  I kid you not, I have been prayed for thousands of times that I know of, and probably millions if you factor in my mom.  That being said, in the moment that Mason prayed for me heaven invaded my living room.  Something broken in the atmosphere and God showed up.  Even though I didn’t get 100% better physically, I was considerably better mentally.

Interestingly enough that’s not what mattered the most to me.  What did matter the most was the deep level of connectedness that my son had with the heavenly Father, and the deep love he was projecting toward me as his earthly father.  I felt loved and covered, and all this from a 9 year old who offered to pray.  It encouraged me deeply to see my son stepping out and going to bat for his dad.  It identified the level of intimacy we have together.  It was what I longed for with my father and never received.

I find it interesting that Mason was born one month after my father died.  He also has my dad’s name as his middle name.  I look at him sometimes and see some much of my dad’s personality in him.  The difference is that my dad’s heart was not stewarded properly.  My dad was a very wounded man who never reached his potential.  He never truly healed from his wounds.  Looking back I have great compassion for how trapped he was by the lies he believed about himself.  As I look at Mason I intentionally look at parenting him as an opportunity to do for him what no one was able to do for my dad. What a privilege!  What a responsibility!   I believe that Mason is going to grow up to be a powerful man of God.  I believe he will lead many.  I believe that he will be an amazing husband, father, and friend.  Matthew 18:4 says, “Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of the child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.  Thanks for the lesson Mason, and thanks for the honor of getting to be your dad.  You make me proud!

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sarah (ross)prelle April 10, 2012 at 3:14 pm

This story is amazing! God is so amazing to give us kids and give us these opportunities. I think this should be our.goal as parents is for our children to understand and connect with God more.than we do! I can’t wait to be apart of this journey of my children’s lives and see all the great things God is going to.use my girls for. Ps. Praying.for your migraines.


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