Richard Rohr

by jeff on November 16, 2011

One of my most beloved teachers is Richard Rohr. PBS just profiled him for their Religion and Ethics newsweekly, and I thought they really captured his essence. Watch it here if you’re interested.

I was introduced to Fr. Richard a couple years ago by a friend who forwarded me a copy of his Daily Meditations email.  I quickly signed up because I was fascinated by his ability to name patterns that I was already aware of but hadn’t quite put together.  Here’s an excerpt from one he sent earlier this week that may illustrate what I mean:

Mystical experiences also lead to a sense of safety. Anybody who has ever loved you well or has felt loved by you always feels safe. If you can’t feel safe with a person, you can’t feel loved by them. You can’t trust their love. If, in the presence of God, you don’t feel safe, then I don’t think it’s God—it’s something else. It’s the god that is not God. It’s probably what Meister Eckhart is referring to when he says, “I pray God to free me from God.” He means that the God we all begin with is necessarily a partial God, an imitation God, a word for God, a “try on” God. But as you go deeper into the journey, I promise you, it will always be safer and more spacious. If you still feel a finger wagging at you, you’re not going deeper. You’re going backwards.

You can sign up for the Daily Mediation emails on the same page (here), or view other days if you’d like.  The emails are free and I’ve never gotten any spam from them.  Best of all, each is only a couple of paragraphs long and goes brilliantly with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

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