by jeff on May 18, 2012

I saw a breathtaking video by a man named Louie Schwartzberg today.  I was weeping by the end.  It’s called The Beauty of Pollination and can be seen in fullscreen HD by clicking here, or by viewing the video below.

Stuff like this video can help us remember and reawaken.  We need this, I think, because life is hard and there are many shadowlands to traverse.  After awhile we tend to forget wonder and enchantment.  We become tacitly dismembered.

What helps you remember?  What is it that calls you back to Narnia?  What do you do that reveals that you’re more than a Muggle?   Do those things!  Pursue them, and let them pursue you.

To me, that’s God, regardless of the holy name used.  God never needs to be named to be recognized.



Aside: Louie talks about his video at TED here.  Find more of Louie’s work here.

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