Psalm 27 Remix

by jeff on February 7, 2012

My dear friend, Steve Masted, rewrote Psalm 27 using his own language.  He gave me permission to share it; hopefully you’ll find it encouraging.

Yes Sir you shine your light and you save me, I am not afraid you are so strong, you support my life, I have full confidence.  When the enemy comes after me to bring destruction you set a trip wire….he will stumble and fall!  Though he send an army of the demonic, though the spiritual battle is suffocating, I will rest in the confidence that you are warring on my behalf.  This Father I do ask and this I look for…..let me find safety in your house, may the beauty of your goodness captivate me, may it be what I draw my strength from.  When I am under attack it is you who keeps me safe, you hide me away, then you set me above my circumstances.  I will hold my head high because you have granted me victory.  I will speak out and let my gratitude be known.  I believe this is true, you hear my voice and you are merciful and you answer me.  I am drawn to seek your face, yes I seek your face!  Do not be distant, you are my helper……I need you!  Please come through!  I know that not even my family can love me the way you do, ultimately you are the one that will come through, so teach me in my assault, give me strength and wisdom to stay the course.  Do not let the assault of the enemy get the best of me.  Protect my integrity and my reputation.  I am confident that you are good and that you will come through for me.  So I wait, I look to you for strength, I fortify my heart, and wait for you to come through!

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