Lord of the Flies

by jeff on November 17, 2011

I had a free afternoon! I was in the mountains at a Men’s Retreat, and anything went.

I decided to spend much of it in the small prayer chapel as has been my wont in recent years.  I was the only one there.  From my journal:

There are little black flies in the Chapel.  They came in when I opened the window to clear the stuffy air.  At first, it was just one hanging out with me.  Now 90 minutes later, it’s two and counting.

I’m letting them crawl on me (!!!).  It’s not like I really have a choice if I want to stay here.  But what’s different is that I’m actually letting them on me without resistance.  I figure they see me as a jungle gym, a new and novel object to explore during their mere few-week life.  I am trying to treat them with honor, as a fellow creature of God.  And I’ve been calling them friend (and meaning it) in the spirit of St. Francis.

I figure if I can mature enough to handle flies, I might be able to handle something more serious.  Like maybe annoying people.  Maybe I will continue to grow up enough not to swat them away or try to “kill” them, either.

I didn’t start my time trying to achieve this.  I started just by trying to honor a creature that’s different than me, a creature whose ‘personality’ is not one of my preferred types.

When they dive-bomb my ears, though, that’s hard!

Looking a fly in the eye, up close

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