Learning to Trust What God Trusts

by jeff on November 28, 2011

There are a lot of holy books and ideologies out there.  For those of us who believe the Bible is true, it’s beneficial to remember how we got there.  How did you come to your belief?  Why did you choose to believe the Bible (if you did)?  I suggest that answer is super-important, for it may reveal something surprisingly crucial, something life-giving.

Why did we pick the route we did?

I suspect the answer is that we had an EXPERIENCE that made God and the Bible stand out, and we chose to trust it.  But then, over time, something weird probably happened: we stop trusting our experiences.  We forgot.

If you stopped trusting your experience, you eventually become lost because, who are you then?  If you discount your inner voice, feelings, and past experience, you’re discounting your very identity.  You’re throwing out your internal compass and letting others steer you.  You’re being “transformed by the removal of your mind,” as a friend of mine likes to say.

Is our internal compass always accurate?  Gosh no!  It will definitely cause pain for us and others, sometimes acutely.  But it is our root, our foundation, our identity.  We must keep it engaged so that we remain engaged.  Should we then throw out the guidance of the Bible, of nature, and of folks we listen to?  Again, gosh no!  The trick is to hold both.  The spiritual journey is both inward and outward, similar to how a tree is half hidden in the earth and half exposed out in the air.  Both sides are needed.

For those of us who have discounted our inner voice, feelings, and past experience, we must reengage.  It steered us right once, right?  Will it steer us right again?  I dare you to take the risk.  Trust yourself: ask questions; live questions; pray questions.  Hold the tension.

If we don’t do this, we tend to rely on detached logic and stop living our truth.  We have eyes but lose our sight.  We listen but cannot hear.  Jesus said as much.

It’s time for change.  It’s time to be rooted anew, founded anew.  God trusts you.  Will you?

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