I Think, Therefore I’m Not

by jeff on November 18, 2011

We think too much. Or at least I do. I think therefore I am is a true lie!

The problem with thinking is that it’s so limited though it does not look it; it’s self-focusing without appearing narcissistic; it seems necessary and essential but is rarely (if ever) transforming.

I’m telling my own story here.  I don’t know what’s true because I see so narrowly (without seeing the narrowness of my thought), though I somehow know a lot of truth, too.  Usually that truth comes from someplace other than the top 3″ of my body.

How's that working for you?

The way around too much thinking is through prayerful mediation and contemplation. Meditation is like unplugging from the Matrix of our minds.  But God, it can be hard!  I am stunned how much difficulty I have “stopping not to think.”

Try it and tell me what you think.


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