Catch The Song

by steve on February 23, 2012

{Ed. Note: I am delighted to introduce Steve Masted as a writer at RT.  Steve has an M.Div from APU, runs a successful business, and is a man with something to say.}

There are two songs sung over us that have the power to shape our perception of ourselves and our life.  Every day we have to consciously choose which one we listen to.  A few months ago I found myself thrust into one of the most painful and overwhelming seasons of my life.  It was a Saturday and I really needed the Father to meet me at church that night.  I needed some hope, and some encouragement in a serious way.  I’m normally not the guy who leaves His seat to go to the front and worship.  I see myself as more of an “intimate” worshipper than an “expressive” worshipper.   I honor both, but it’s just not my typical expression.  That night, however, I felt an invitation from the Father to be one of those “upfront people.”  I could have resisted and still had an intimate encounter with the Father, but common sense would say that when the Lord invites you to do something  he may have something significant in store for you.  I laid my preferences aside and went forward. Kelanie Gloeckler was a guest worship leader at our church that night.  Having a guest worship leader who is also a songwriter can translate into a fair amount of original music, often soliciting observation instead of participation.  So here I was standing in the front assuming the mentality of a concert attendee.  However, this was no concert.  The minute Kelanie started singing, I knew the Holy Spirit was present, and the air was pregnant with an atmosphere of worship.  It was effortless to enter in.  The Father met me face to face in that moment, and I entered into a powerful God encounter.  A few songs in Kelanie began to sing, “Catch the Song.”  It goes like this:

Verse 1  Let the music break in, find your freedom in the rhythm of his unrelenting love, He rejoices over us.  Get caught in the swell of eternal worship.  Dry wells will flow when they hear it, open up your mouth.

Chorus  Catch the song above your head, Jesus is singing over us.  Hear the melody of heaven, it’s time to sing with Jesus

Verse 2  We are getting in tune, we are people he can sing through, and His voice will be heard, heavens song invades the earth.  We move with the pulse of the Holy Spirit, dry bones will dance when they hear it.  Open up your mouth

As I let those lyrics sink in I could feel a peace only found in his presence.  I remember reaching above my head, I wanted to catch His song.  I felt Him singing peace and comfort to my current situation.  I felt Him singing joy and approval over my circumstances.  It was what I needed to hear.  We bought Kelanie’s CD’s that night, and listening to them has had a profound impact on the atmosphere in our home.  It wasn’t until last week that we sung one of her songs in our worship experience at church.  Our worship leader began last weekend with “Catch the Song.”  Immediately the Holy Spirit took me back to that night months earlier when He met me in a profound way.  I sat down for a moment and reflected on my initial encounter with the Lord through this song.  He gave me a picture of a CD player.

It looked like this, only better

It was playing a song, but it was not His song.  It was the song of the enemy.  It was full of lies, accusations, judgments, self-hatred, bitterness, rejection and anger.  It was awful!  I heard the Father say, “I’m not the only one singing over you.”  I reflected on that for a moment.  Satan was a worship leader in the courts of heaven.  Why wouldn’t he try and replace the music of heaven with the music of death and destruction.  I then saw the hand of the Father hit the eject button on the CD player.  He took the enemies CD and put it in a paper shredder.  I could hear the cracking and crunching as it broke into little pieces.  I then saw the Father take a CD out of a jewel case and put it in the CD player.  As the music played it was full of life, love, affirmation, grace and mercy.  It was full of goodness… was full of His presence.

Zephaniah 3:17 says, “The Lord you God is with you the mighty warrior who saves.  He will take great delight in you, in His love He will no longer rebuke you.  But will rejoice over you with singing.”

The Father was singing His song over my life!  He wants His song to be on repeat.  He wants us to listen to it over and over again until the we see ourselves the way He does.  I believe it is necessary for us put His song on repeat.  It needs to saturate every part of our being.  You see the enemy never stops trying to write music over our lives.  He too is trying to hit the eject button, and replace the Father’s music with his.  Each day we need to decide which song we are going to catch.  Are we going to catch the song the Father is singing, or are we going to catch the song the enemy is singing.  As for me I am going to keep my paper shredder close at hand!  I plan on destroying as many of the enemies CD’s as I can.  Much peace and much grace to you as you catch the Father’s song.

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