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Hello all!  My name is Steve Masted and I am honored to be able to post my thoughts and stories on Reversed Thunder.  I have known Jeff for over half my life and he is a dear friend of mine. I have always appreciated His authenticity and deep thoughts which challenge me to truly know and experience God the way he does.  It is an honor to share the same space with him on these pages.

A little about me:  I am married to a wonderful woman named Ginger.  She makes me look much better than I am!  We are attempting to create “better versions of ourselves” with our sons Caleb (twelve years) and Mason (nine).

I currently own and operate a mobile phone collection and brokering company called Macalegin Electronics.  Don’t try and pronounce it no one can!  In case you are curious as to the use of a word not found in the dictionary..it is a compilation of the first few letters of my families names.  Ma=Mason, Cale= Caleb, and Gin=Ginger.  You know you feel better with that information deposited in a very remote portion of your long term memory!  I was honored to get my M.Div from Azusa Pacific University.  I was a youth pastor in full time ministry from 1995-2005 in the greater San Diego area.  In September of 2004 God called me to leave full-time church ministry  and move my family to Colorado to minister outside of the church walls.  In January of 2005 we made the trek out here to “God’s Country” and we absolutely love it!  In this season my primary ministry is stewarding  the hearts of my sons, loving my wife, and leading a group of guys into greater intimacy with God and their own families.  There is no extracting the “pastor” in me… my shepherd’s heart is alive and well.

My hope in posting to Reversed Thunder  is to be transparent and vulnerable with you, the reader.  My stories are meant to encourage you to look inward and invite the Father to be dangerously close to your heart.  Over the years, there have been many influential leaders, friends, and authors in my life.  Currently there are two that have shifted my paradigm of God, and furthermore, how I navigate through my daily journey.  Bill Johnson has given me a longing for the presence of God.  His teaching has caused my intimacy with the Father to grow exponentially.  Graham Cooke is a walking dictionary of wisdom.  I am not sure I have encountered another author with the level of wisdom and fresh revelation that Graham carries.  Reading his books has forever changed me.  As you read my posts on Reversed Thunder, may the Holy Spirit download to your heart and mind the voice of heaven and the heart of the Father who loves you.

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