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Life is hard.  Deep down we know something isn’t right and we’re looking for answers.  Marketers, capitalists, politicians, religious teachers, and pundits of all kinds suggest they have the answer.  But who and what to believe?  We must believe something, after all; call it our perspective, or the way we see reality.

This site attempts to cut through all the noise and get to the illumination itself.  How?  Who knows.  We’re just trying.  Call it a “journey of desire.”

What we do know is that whatever we believe in should result in positive change in the world and in ourselves.  It should help us to become more real, and less defended and brittle.  It should help us “go with the flow” and manifest a love that never needs to be called “love” for others to know it.  Jesus had this.  He was a rabble-rouser, not some nice tame church goer.  He dignified “sinners” and fought those who said they had it all together.  He ripped down societal, political, and religious walls.  Jesus busted so many walls, in fact, that BOTH church and state killed him.  Both!  The man was free.

We want to be free, too, along with you.  Towards that end, please take our writings with a grain of salt.  Decide what’s true yourself using your magnificent free will.  Listen deeply to your heart, spend time in nature, and as Rilke said, “Live the Questions.”  The days we cannot laugh at, and with, ourselves are messed up days indeed.

RT is hosted by Jeff (bio) and Steve (bio).

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